1. The left has been about the business of redefining every word they could think of. “Choice” is just another (and prettier) way to say able to kill. If they called it “able to kill the baby in your body”, the woman would have a very different feeling. Call it a choice and its like getting a tattoo. It’s just another thing your grandma wouldn’t approve of but its really no big deal. We MUST keep our attention on THIS if other things are ignored. We will all one day be vulnerable due to illness, old age or injury to having someone not want to deal w/ us and prefer the “choice” of getting rid of the “useless lump of cells and tissue.”

    • Every choice has an object. What is the object of human abortion? The death of the ‘little one’ in the womb, or as you more accurately characterize it, the baby in the mom’s body. Thanks for writing.

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