1. Often, God will provide the opportunity for us to learn, be or do what we we have prayed for. My husband prayed for God to help him be humble just as it appeared we were on the verge of real financial and professional success. The industry he was in imploded. He owned a home building co. when the housing market failed. Prayer granted. We found our more humble roots. We appear to be recovering finally getting back to where we were. I wont count on it and wont ever forget my impoverished childhood again. What we want, He will not always give directly. He may give us the chance to do or be what we pray. I think I may pray to be several inches taller. I’m a little afraid to ask for the weight loss that eludes me since my child’s birth. A huge famine might strike. If I were about 4 inches taller, I’d look great though. Ha!

  2. Great post. Many times we will ask God for a specific thing, and then we just sit and wait. When nothing happens, we get angry at God, and begin to doubt. Well, He has given us the gifts to go forward. To paraphrase the caption, “You do your part, and He will do His.” Blessings.

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