The Trump mystique 6

By Tom Quiner

I was prepared for a blowout.

Let’s backtrack to last Sunday. I saw a guy canvassing my neighborhood for the election. He skipped my house and that of my conservative buddy across the street. Then I figured out why. He was only going to the registered Democrats on my block to get the vote out for Hillary Clinton.

Hillary’s ground game was legendary, and it reached into my sleepy neighborhood.

She had the team to be sure her people did more than just respond to polls. On the other hand, no one called or stopped by to get me out to vote Republican.

I just did it.

In light of the prowess of the Clinton Machine, I anticipated a thorough comeuppance for Donald Trump.

Even more, Hillary had a ton more money. Trump and his PACs raised a mere $306 million compared to $687 million for for Clinton, most of her largesse thanks to rich donors.

She used her money advantage to flood the airwaves with negative advertising demonizing Mr. Trump. She totally ignored any sort of positive reason people should vote FOR her, other than she’s a woman. That matters to liberal elites, but not to the Silent Minority looking for a champion to protect them from the Big Government that bullies them.

To them, Hillary looked like the problem, not the solution. She did nothing to dispel their concerns with her non-stop negative advertising.

In many respects, Trump was the anti-Obama. Mr. Obama had the smartest, biggest marketing campaign in political history, backed up by a fawning press.

Mr. Trump and his campaign, on the other hand, flew by the seat of their pants and used his mystique to garner non-stop media coverage, almost all of it negative once he won the nomination. The mainstream media acted as an arm of the Clinton campaign by focusing on Trump’s negatives at the same time they ignored Hillary’s.

All of the elements were in place for Trump to be blown out. Liberal elites smugly thought Trump would be sent packing, forced into a political exile where he’d have to content himself counting his money.

Instead, it is Mrs. Clinton who has been exiled.

Instead, it is Mrs. Clinton who must content herself with counting the millions she and her husband ‘earned’ from the slush fund known as the Clinton Foundation.

The Donald Trump mystique won.


  1. I think it was a God thing.

    I think we witnessed a modern day miracle – not that I’m advocating that Trump be canonized – and the whole world saw it. There’s your shock and awe.

    I think God has stayed his hand of judgement on America in response to the cries of his people, and has opened the door for true redemption. Now it’s up to God’s people to call America to come home again – as “one nation under God.”

  2. Coming out of the grocery one day, folks were registering people to vote. They ONLY spoke to those that had a particular appearance. When they continually walked and looked past those not w/ a particular’ look I blatantly asked if they there to register all interested. They sounded surprised and half-heartedly asked if I wanted to register after ignoring me for a while. I stated I was a registered voter and just wondered since they seemed to be picking and choosing. They left the front of the Wal-Mart. They preferred to leave a group they were sent to register rather than register anyone else they hadn’t wanted to. I have to admit to a certain amt. of amusement but also anger.

  3. I read yesterday that Hillary’s camp told her to go to Flint Michigan and fix their water problem through the Clinton Foundation

    Not to take Michigan for granted

    That was good advice if for nothing else but to help the people of Flint

    Hillary said no

    Hillary lost Michigan 😭

    Go figure…😉

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