The Obama legacy 4

By Tom Quiner


Barack Obama has devastated the Democratic Party, as I discussed last week [“Shock and Awe“].

The chart above shows the poisonous effect he has had on his own party due to his imperious, heavy-handed leftist presidency. Republicans now control the presidency, the Congress, as well as more governorships and state legislators than Democrats by a long shot.

Republicans have won so many seats at the state level, that they’re within a single state of having the votes to amend the Constitution should they want to.

Let’s say they wanted to abolish the income tax, or enshrine a right to life from conception, or pass a balanced budget amendment, it is within reach … all thanks to Barack Obama.

As Sarah Palin so deliciously put it, “How’s that ‘hopey changey’ thing working out for you?”



  1. What’s great about a self employed business man is he rarely takes a day off & is used to long days. while cookin a cabinet T has already managed to secure some Ford jobs slated to go to Mexico. He’s not in office yet and he’s done more for working Americans than Obama or the Republicans have in 8 yrs. I think Congressmen are unhappy. I see him expecting them to be at work by 7-8 am and work til 6-7 pm 5-6 days a week….like he does and we do. The “work week” for the Washington folks is like that of pre-k kids save for a few key long days per year. Work ’em hard Trump! I want those Washington guy as tired at the end of a week as we are. They’re well paid. Make ’em earn it! Maybe they could do the sessions standing up. I wonder if those people could do the 13 hr nights I have or the 16 hr (call it what you want its most of a 24 hr day) shift like i have on their feet. Maybe they could work the holidays the way so many of us do. GET TO IT GUYS! WE SENT A NEW BOSS!

    • I agree that those won’t happen, but Republicans will enact big change quickly. I think we’ll see tax simplification/reform, healthcare reform, and regulatory relief in the first six months.

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