1. Of course the cartoon is from the Daily Signal, distorting the facts of the matter to such an extent that its implication is tantamount to a lie.

    Surprisingly, the actual amount of Electoral College votes granted to the victor in each state is relevant to the discussion. And it’s already amazing that one doesn’t even know where to begin.

    Maybe we could point out that Illinois and Pennsylvania have the same number of votes, even though the cartoonist pretends that the former is three times as largess the latter?

    Maybe the Daily Signal wishes that Trump’s narrow victory wasn’t so reliant on margins of less than a percentage point in the states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin (the size of the latter two combined is barely bigger than Wyoming, even though the EC vote breakdowns are 26 and 3, respectively)?

    Don’t forget the fact that Pennsylvania and Wisconsin alone should be larger than both New York and Florida. And I have no idea what Georgia and North Carolina are doing wedged between New York in Florida, since their combined total exceeds that of both the latter two.

    In any case, it bears noting that a majority of Republicans—and the rest of the country, by an even larger margin—favored the elimination of the Electoral College prior to the morning of November 9, 2016.

    That’s when the stupid arguments for its preservation began, when the freedom-lovin’ Right conveniently forgot about the epitome of a fully representative democracy—one person, one vote—and when, on occasion, the Right just flat-out lied about the nature of the situation.

    Well, chancing on this blog while looking for an image regarding the equally pathetic drumbeat of conservatives about the supremacy of “Middle America” in response to President Trump making history in a very different way than his voters intended was amusing. Looking in from the current vantage point, eight months into the Trump administration, allows a more bird’s-eye-like view into the chaos of the transition period, and the arguments made to justify the validity of the latest particular one.

    But for now, somebody needs to point out how dumb Eric Bolling is (bit.ly/2eym7yO) as he desperately attempts to deny what more the data-driven recognize as an abundantly apparent reality: the President (bit.ly/2tO8TS1), and by extension his Party (53eig.ht/2wxnjHp), is coming apart at the electoral seams.

  2. If the votes of the dead and those others not legal to vote were dismissed, ( Why aren’t they?) HRC would not have the popular vote and would be off by over a million. These same people who insist on the dead and non citizen right to vote dont even go & vote themselves. She could have it fair and square if they did. I’m too old to understand the snowflake generation. Silly me. I actually go stand in line to vote instead of waiting for dead folks and non-citizens speak for me and then scream when my will is not victorious.

  3. I give you some credit for conceding that you made a mistake about Trump, although I believe it comes up a bit short of what would be appropriate given the comments you made. Donald Trump was not my choice either among the Republican candidates, but when he got the nomination I believed that we conservatives holding to traditional values were best advised to carefully study and evaluate how best to promote integrity in government and traditional values (right to, and respect for, ife, traditional marriage, right to work to sustain life being foremost). I believe the foremost issue of this election was the Supreme Court nominations coming up that will impact the nation for many years beyond the terms of this next president. By arguing against a vote for Trump you implied that your readers should not vote for him, and that would have paved the way for Hillary to become president. Fortunately he won anyway, and this was an answer to many prayers and much diligent work of committed people. We certainly need to continue praying that he follow through on the prolife things he promised and work diligently as well. The work has really just begun.

  4. It truly is sickening to me that these sensitive snowflakes are calling and emailing the electors and telling them to ignore the will of the people in the states they represent. This is reminiscent of the 2000 election when the Democrats were crying and accusing Bush of stealing the election and demanding recounts.

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