1. Oh, it would be a Christmas wish come true. My own family has had to self pay for our minimal medical needs and pray nothing catastrophic happened. The monthly and annual costs of insurance were absolutely horrific. We payed the fines and, that was painful. We look forward to being able to have the minimal insurance that provides financial security and not every little silly exam covered. $850/mo + 10,000 out of pocket before coverage is a bit much for a family using an avg of $300 annually in medical care. We know the savings we have for not paying the ridiculous monthly is not enough for a catastrophic event, but we just put it in God’s hands that things would be fixed before the awful happened.

    • When you live by the phone and a pen, you can die by a phone and a pen. If Trump has the will, and I think he does, significant pieces of Obama’s legacy can be undone shockingly quickly without eve involving Congress. I read in this morning’s Wall Street Journal that government regulations have increased by 79% since 2010 alone, and that rust belt states got hit the hardest since that’s where there are a lot of manufacturers. Regulations kill jobs of working class Americans, the very folks who elected Mr. Trump. I think The Donald will go to the mat for them. I think we’ll see a comprehensive regulatory review that results in Big Government loosening their stranglehold on the economy. I do agree that the monster has many tentacles, but I think it’s about to lose some of them.

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