1. when in nursing school, the books stated para was the number of times a uterus had been pregnant. I have never seen a pregnant uterus walking around. When I was pregnant, my ENTIRE being was pregnant.Physically, emotionally.psychologically and spiritually, I was very much pregnant outside of the obstetrical definition of “para”. There is a great desire to remove humanity from ALL aspects of the creation of a life.

      • It’s sad but the nursing theorists have defined a patient in way that completely leaves out any mention of words like human, person or even individual. There’s some talk of concentric rings of defense or some such. You’d have to look it up. I don’t recall exactly 17 yrs hence. I just remember not having ever laid eyes on one of what they were talking about as a medic and STILL haven’t. They want everyone to not be a person or human unless some one else deems us as such. Abortion is the start, but they will be coming for everyone that may one day be a helpless, troublesome group of cells.

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