The chutzpah of hope 2

By Tom Quiner


The definition of chutzpah is ‘shameless audacity; impudence.’

No president in recent memory has employed chutzpah more than the current occupant.

He gave us a parting shot of chutzpah in his interview with NPR this week:

“my suggestion to the President-elect is, you know, going through the legislative process is always better” than executive fiat, “in part because it’s harder to undo.”

Mr. Obama should know.

He made a decision to sneer at the Congress and withdraw his hand from across the aisle, despite campaign rhetoric to the contrary. He boasted that all he needed was a phone and a pen, suggesting that Congress was way too beneath him to get involved with the governance of this country, since he, and only he, knew what’s best for the little people.

His 2008 campaign slogan should be retroactively changed in the history books to read, “the Chutzpah of Hope.”

Barack Obama’s presidency has been shameless in its dishonesty.



  1. Maybe Obama has had an epiphany and learned what can happen when one acts unilaterally. He is probably very introspective and giving some some well learned wisdom to his replacement. NAAH!

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