White Christmas, almost, here in Des Moines 2

By Tom Quiner

We had a dusting of snow a few days ago, but the ground is barely covered. So, it’s going to be a sort of a White Christmas here in Des Moines.

What a perfect opportunity to enjoy this Christmas classic, written by the great Irving Berlin, and sung by Bing Crosby and Martha Mears.

Merry Christmas, Quiner’s Diner readers!


  1. We’re in Atlanta and would give anything for your little dusting of snow. It was cold as all get out the first part of Christmas and looked like we had a chance for even one of our infamous ice events that lasts a morning and then gone. The week before Christmas we heated up to temps of October. We’re slated for 70 on Christmas Day. THAT is JUST NOT Christmasy AT ALL.I lived in Utah as a child and upstate NY in the military, so this is just killing the whole thing for me. I envy your little dusting. We will wear our ugly Christmas T-shirts after church tomorrow. Some how that just doesnt have the same feeling. Does it. Have a very special and merry Christmas!

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