1. Yep, Obama/Kerry have it completely right. It’s, Israel who is preventing peace. They keep talking about a post WW 2 international law preventing the changing of borders by military act, but do nothing to keep the Palestinians in check on their bad behavior. It’s funny how we got so much territory in the form of Ca., Tx., and NM. after we were attacked. We won a conflict inflicted on us by a foreign nation and kept states and over seas territories for having done so. This was not very long before the post WW2 law. Now that a religious nation is faced w/ the same nonsense we want them to not do as we did. They only have the right of spoils to the victor if the defeated antagonist will allow them to. Has anyone heard anything about H— freezing over yet? Me neither.

    • Ultimately, I believe Obama is sympathetic to the Palestinian cause at the same time he seems to loathe the lone Middle East democracy. I don’t get it. I guess it’s a liberal thing. Thanks for writing, and Happy New Year!

      • To tell the truth, I think he really doesn’t care much for our own democracy either. He spent a lot of the last 8 yrs doing everything he could to weaken or circumvent it. He also is not that supportive of our European or Japanese democratic allies. Could it be that he opposes democracy?

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