1. Most people dont realize that glasses have not been extraordinarily expensive in a long time. My 1st pair in ’81 cost my mom $300 ( a lot then). Now I can get a better exam, better frames and bi-focals (my hubby laughed when THAT happened) for about the same or less 35 yrs later. I dont have coverage. I shop the sales rack for frames and cut the coupons for the exam, when I can. I bought my most recent frames for like $10-$12. I really like them. It’s ALL about the power grab. People have been so dumbed down they dont think they can take care of ANYTHING w/o the help of the gvt. The Amish are not into the ACA and they’re VERY healthy. They live long, normal lives. They dont take a pill or see a doctor for every manifestation of old age and stress.

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