1. It couldnt have been planned better if they’d tried. Leave a giant imploding mess w/o 1 GOP vote on it. then let the GOP take the blame for the implosion or the probable mess likely to come from trying to kill the Frankenstein thing the Dems created.Either way GOP candidates in the future will carry the blame AND (better yet) we end up w/ socialized medicine…just what the dems wanted ALL along. It wont matter to the uninformed masses that the patient arrived D.O.A., the doc (Trump/GOP) will be blamed.

      • We can hope,but I have seen how the gvt builds things. It’s usually a tank when a mo-ped would have done the job. There are still gvt regulations in place that have been irrelevant since Christ was a kid. God guide the hands of these people as they try to remove this cancer from us w/o killing us.

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