Politically incorrect talk about guns 4

By Tom Quiner


Liberals kill far more Americans with guns than conservatives do.

This provocative statement was prompted by the meme above and the subsequent comments it evoked. I jokingly suggested that perhaps we should only ban guns from liberals. Quiner’s Diner reader, xPraetorius, had noticed the same phenomenon:

“The point: the demographic composed of “people who commit crime, especially gun crime” is not overrun with any Republican core constituencies. And there are certainly, obviously, very few, if any, Conservatives in those ranks.” [Read his complete post on the topic here.]

I tried get a little data on the subject. I learned that for three decades running, blacks, who account for but 13% of the population, account for half of the homicides in the country. And the overwhelming percentage of their victims are also Black. Evidently, black lives don’t matter to these blacks.

Writing in the Wall Street Journal, Jason Riley, who is African-American, points out that:

“Blacks commit violent crimes at 7 to 10 times the rate that whites do.”

To stir the pot a little more, Blacks vote overwhelmingly for Democrats, ranging from 88% to 95% in the last three presidential elections. They are a core, loyal, liberal constituency.

In Chicago, a city controlled by Democrats for 84 consecutive years and running, with extremely strict gun controls, gun deaths are rampant, the vast majority committed by Blacks on Blacks. Even more, most murders are committed with illegal firearms. So much for gun control.

Duke researcher, Philip Cook, studied the issue, and suggests that somewhere from 90% to 97% of gun deaths are committed with illegal firearms.

My suggestion that perhaps only liberal Democrats (pardon the redundancy) should be banned from purchasing guns is certainly politically-incorrect, especially in this current climate of enhanced racial sensitivity sown by the Obama presidency.

Nonetheless, the assertion is hard to dispute. Liberals kill far more Americans with guns than conservatives.



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