1. Intellectuals have had little admiration in my family for generations b/c even relatively uneducated people have known for a long time that the ivory tower has gotten taller and more secluded w/ each generation of occupants. By now we see them as insane b/c their ideologies simply make no sense to the non elites…educated or not. My whole life they have had a tendency to talk a lot and say very little. What they DO say sounds like they talk out of both sides of their mouths. THAT is why Brexit is happening and Trump won.

      • I know a bunch (married into a family of such) and other ways. THEY do NOT think it start w/ common sense. They think it begins w/ rhetoric and the Trivia. Folks w/ too much time to sit and contemplate their navels just dont know why others see them as beyond stupid. They assume intellect comes from much time not dealing w/ the hum-drum, while the masters of the hum-drum seam much smarter to me. Met my mother in law and conversed at length on a change in perception I’d gained in caring for a profoundly disabled boy. She said I was close to communicating at a Ph.D level. (had only started collage. Told her that was what my family called shootin’ the “stuff”, and few of my family had gone to or graduated h/s.

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