1. Also I wonder if these people will ever see these photos and be embarrassed later in life? Since age 25 I have been acutely aware of the possibility of being mortified by my own acts and try to avoid things I wouldn’t want seen by me (or anyone else later in life). Perhaps they completely lack a sense of shame. One almost hopes (for their sake) they never develop one. I don’t think a person w/ a sense of shame could survive such photos. That’s a girls’ outfit band I wouldn’t have worn it it when I was in the shape of my life in the military. I would definitely die if someone showed me such pics in my older yrs.

  2. Considering Trump has said nothing about wanting to reverse all the LGBTQIA policies of Obama, I wonder if this would have been the case regardless of which GOP candidate had won? These people are the mindless pawns of people who only care to use them for political power. Is THIS how the left will handle EVERY election they lose from now on?? Saw many of the lefty “men” in the crowds and wondered one thing about the the non gay ones. Do women ACTUALLY LIKE these pseudo women w/ beards? I dont get it. I want a man that reminds me of my stepdad and granddad. The lack of real men is making women power hungry and nutz in general.

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