1. I was so grateful to the MSM for the blow by blow coverage the classless, tasteless women speaking for me and my 12 yo daughter. My kid is an avid news watcher ( since she was a preschooler, believe it or not) and she heard the F bombs, saw all the costumes and the whole Ashley Judd speech. My kid was as disgusted as I was. Madonna surely knew kids would hear her foul mouth live and unfiltered. I wonder how people w/ kids there felt about this. No decent parent should ever feel safe taking young kids to such a thing again. If they feel ok w/ this, I feel sorry for those kids. Liberal’s do not care about your kids…only their agenda.

      • I would take my kid to the life march w/o worry of her being corrupted based on the behavior they’ve displayed the 41 yrs of the march and marches around the state. They are s passionate but not “icky”. They had entertainers actually entertaining and not cursing and being semi-pornographic. It’s not my music style but the band I heard wasn’t offensive.The slogans weren’t either. No, I dont think moms worry about lifers corrupting the morals of children

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