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  2. When you talk about ‘saving babies’, how would you plan to do this? Sedate every woman who is in a state of unwanted pregnancy and force her to give birth? I’m not clear where you logically think this goes, given that in most countries where abortion is illegal, the actual rate of unregulated pregnancy termination is higher than in the USA. Is that what you’re fighting for? Forcing as many women as possible to give birth to unwanted babies, and pushing the rest to seek dangerous alternatives? I’d love to see a post where you explain this.

    • Logically, an entire post isn’t necessary to determine what to do with “unwanted” babies. I’ll give you a quick answer: adoption. In this country, we have some 37 couples standing in line waiting to adopt for every baby born. Adoption is the loving option, the logical solution, to the choice men and women made to have sexual relations, but didn’t want to take the responsibility for the unique human life they made at conception. On the other other hand, human abortion is the selfish option, and a one-of-a-kind human person dies with each human abortion.

  3. They fight harder to protect the fungus around Old Faithful at Yellow Stone. We need to proclaim preterm babies as “indigenous species” as they’re the original inhabitants of the womb and only found there.

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