1. Liberals LUV things like Horton Hears a Who, but cant hear the unborn saying “help me.” They always care about the under dog, but NOT the baby. Can it be to prevent God’s will on earth being done?

    • That is a good question. The liberals I know, and they are many, would bristle at your question. They think human abortion is for the greater good. But it depends on them denying the humanity of the preborn.

      • I was always expected to fully know WHY I felt,thought or did ANYTHING. I would be grilled by mom til we got to the meat of the center of my actions and words. She didn’t accept the answers that would satisfy many. I always look for the ideological center of words and deeds. They don’t evolve in a vacuum. If one doesn’t believe in the humanity of a baby in utero, they can’t have a fundamental belief in the word of God. Some things just can’t exist together. This type views me as intellectually undeveloped for a black/white view on this or anything. The idea that right and wrong is individual and in many shades of gray points to rejection of the word and presence of God. They don’t like when people say such things, but you just cant have it both ways. You cant deny God His will and claim to be a believer. The ever evolving Christianity of many sects allows for this to take root.

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