1. Well? THAT’S it for him. He’s WAY too extreme. NEXT! That’s how the left sees it anyway. I’d like to see All of Trumps choices join the court very soon. The conservative judges on the bench are great but getting old. I’d like to see them retire and let Trump get 4 young ones in before the end of the next 3 yrs. A group of that cant be touched for upwards of 35 years would be great. Would be a shame if 1-3 should die or get too ill to serve under a democrat that could be elected in 2020. Sort of like an insurance policy that cant be cancelled for any reason.

      • It’s ALMOST too much to ask that Trump get to replace HER w/ a conservative too, THAT would be spectacular. The salvation of this nation could be in sight if we could get 5 conservative 40 something conservatives on the bench. What a pleasant thought. I have a theory that her type will make it too 111 to annoy me maximally and continue the “cause”, but we can dream. I dont like the idea that generally we’re talking about how she has to die. Maybe she just gets to tired.

      • Conservative pundit, Charles Krauthammer, believes the biggest fight will come with the NEXT Court nominee if it is replacing a liberal like Ms. Ginsberg, because that REALLY would tip the balance of the court. Thanks for writing.

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