1. We had a massive winter storm here and the schools wouldn’t close til 12:30 to get fed.$$ for the day. By then, it was too late & kids could not get home. Some were stuck on buses w/o sanitation. Others were stuck at school for 2 days. Many needed meds or were very young (5) and scared w/o parents. It didnt take a rocket surgeon to know how the ice would stick w/ days of below freezing temps. We’re hilly here,so ice is devastating. The school officials only cared to get the fed. $$$. My own family knew when to be home b/c the weather was QUITE plain about the warnings. We home school,b/c we know we’re the only ones that actually care about our kid. The kids are just financial and political power for the education class.

      • Oddly,I get asked, “How will she ever be socialized?” Having had enough of that, I answered one saying,”I dont know since I keep her locked in the basement.” Another home school mom asked if she could steal that one. I said yes. There is this idea we never leave the house, and the kids are recluses, even when they’re momentarily making friends w/ the questioner’s kids. Mine has had time w/ kids w/ the church youth group and karate or dance. She also has a couple of close friends. One said to me,”But she only associates w/ kids like herself.” I said, “Now you get it!” She knows all kinds of kids just not thugs. Apparently P.E. is a big concern. Aside from dance or karate,she has spent a huge part of her life swimming in our pool. So many think that the schools are doing something mysterious and magically not in their own capabilities. Truthfully, I like it. I have had a chance to become a better speller. The only thing some might have trouble w/ is math if they’re not good at it and science covers chemistry & electrical circuitry by 5th grade. I don’t know why,but luckily I had chem in my B.S.N and the electrical in a brief attempt at Medical Equip. Repair in the military. I couldn’t believe how much of each had stuck. I guess God knew I’d need it one day, even if I never completed the M.E.R training. I was able to explain some electronic principles & components to my hubby for his business as well.

      • My daughter said she wants to be house wife like me. I think it’s nice she thinks enough of me to want to be like me. I said that meant she has to get her degree and work as well. I want her to know the realities of both of my lives. I hope her desire to be a house wife (funny since I have worked a lot of her life except when she was a tot.) means she doesn’t feel lacking love for my attempts to continue to work in nursing part time and teach nursing part time. Part time is a favorite concept of mine…except motherhood. : )

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