Will Lady Gaga sing the NFL’s swan song? 6

By Tom Quiner

Lady Gaga will perform at the halftime of Super Bowl LI

Lady Gaga will perform at the halftime of Super Bowl LI

Lady Gaga is the worst halftime singer the NFL could possibly have selected for this year’s Super Bowl.

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, aka Lady Gaga, is a powerful spokesperson for the cultural elite who espouse a religion this blog calls Neo-Paganism. Because she has a platform and a loud microphone, so to speak, she has cultivated a lot of followers to her faith and politics.

And she is vocal politically. She held up a sign following Donald Trump’s election that said, “Love trumps hate,” a suggestion that anyone who voted for Mr. Trump is a hater.

Neo Paganism is built on a trinitarian foundation of three beliefs: sexual hedonism; child sacrifice [human abortion]; and nature worship. The religion is firmly entrenched in the Democratic Party, the media, the entertainment industry, and our public schools.

Ms. Germanotta is particularly effective at advancing its sexual hedonism tenets.

Her paean to ‘anything goes’ sexuality, “Born that Way,” became the anthem of the political movement designed to normalize homosexuality and transgenderism. An excerpt:

No matter gay, straight, or bi,
Lesbian, transgendered life,
I’m on the right track baby,
I was born to survive.
No matter black, white or beige
Chola or orient made,
I’m on the right track baby,
I was born to be brave.
I was born this way hey!
I was born this way hey!
I’m on the right track baby.

Ira Gershwin she ain’t, but it works with our impressionable kids who flock to her religion and politics in droves.

Which brings me to the Super Bowl.

Television ratings plummeted 8% this year for the NFL. Many explanations have been advanced. The elections. Concussions. Mediocre teams and boring games.

Another was a protest made by millionaire, Colin Kaepernick, quarterback of the San Franciso 49ers, who chose to politicize NFL games by refusing to stand for the national anthem, a political statement meant to support the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

Football is fun way to bring people together, even if your buddy pulls for the other team. Kaepernick’s antics cast a pall over the fun and injected more divisiveness into the culture.

Will Lady Gaga choose to do the same? She will have the largest microphone of her life tomorrow with an audience of over 100 million viewers. She has an opportunity to evangelize her faith and her politics, and divide this great nation even more if she wants to get political and bash President Trump.

Will she do it? My guess is absolutely yes. Ego maniacs like Ms. Germanotta aren’t able to pass up a chance to impose their superior world view on us little people.

If she does, the NFL’s decline will surely accelerate. The taint of politics is the kiss of death to anything that is supposed to be fun.


  1. I thought Lady Gaga did a decent job of performing last night. Her brand of political opinion isn’t any different than singer/songwriters of the past. Creedence Clearwater Revival singing Fortunate Son is a representative example. There were all sorts of protest songs against Johnson, Nixon, and wars of the time. That has and probably won’t stop in the near future. While I don’t particularly subscribe to everything that she stands for, having the ability to do so still is a cornerstone of this country.

  2. Let’s hope a riot doesn’t break out

    These Liberal Lefties keep forgetting that American People put Donald Trump into the White House 󾓦

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