• Bishop Sheen was one of the two greatest tele-evangelists in American history, the other being Billy Graham.Totally different styles. Both awesome beyond words. If you spent much time with Sheen, you would become Catholic.

      • He sounds very wise and good,but that would be quite a trick. My husband of 21 yrs has had no luck in convincing me. I’m pretty sure, I’m Baptist for life…not because my family was but because i wasn’t the first 24 yrs of my life. I had to find it myself in searching various religious ideologies. I was always leaning Christian, but even investigated Judaic beliefs. In my search I did run across a cult in the military. My family gave me enough knowledge of scripture to recognize a cultists that a fellow airman had to be abducted and reprogrammed from. beyond the absorbing of scripture I did not have faith then. My religious investigation scandalized my elders, who never questioned any of the dogma. I read and found some pretty silly things in the Baptist ideology. The whole idea that dancing and ANY alcohol are burnable offenses. The book pretty clearly states a perspective of both as good within boundaries.My elders would roll over in the graves I put them in (dating and marrying non Baptists) LOL! Have great Valentines!

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