“All of you supporting this are being scammed.” 3

By Tom Quiner

This post ran on Quiner’s Diner last June 21st, 2016:


Political commentator, Steve Deace, posted this on his Facebook page a few minutes ago:

Trump’s campaign disclosure in a nutshell:

His campaign is broke.

He paid himself more money for using his Mara-A-Lago property as a campaign facility than he paid his combined staff.

He paid $35 thousand to a housing address that claimed to be an advertising firm named “Draper Sterling” after the characters on Mad Men. No, seriously, it’s in his disclosure report if you read it for yourself.

Once more, all of you supporting this are being scammed. At this point there’s a better chance he’ll be indicted for campaign fraud than win the presidency. It’s a total con and the House of Cards is falling apart.

Make it stop, delegates. Everyone else swallow your pride and admit you’ve been had and abandon ship before you go down as the biggest suckers in American history. And then add injury to insult by watching Hillary Clinton win the presidency.


I don’t repost this to rub it Deace’s nose. I said that Trump would be out of campaign before Christmas of 2015. Shows how much I know.

Very few saw the tsunami of discontent that swept Trump into office. Mr. Trump may be a very imperfect vessel, but he is a force to be reckoned with. I have never seen such frenzy to bring down a presidency as I’m seeing from the Left and the mainstream media.

They know that Donald Trump is a threat to their power. We live in a time of great peril for our country, from without, and especially from within.


  1. It’s not fair to confine it to the left. WSJ, historically heavily right-wing, hates Trump to pieces, and doesn’t trouble itself that much to hide it.

    • A agree, although the WSJ editorial board is more even-handed in their assessment of Trump’s first month than the MSM. I guess I see more objectivity and critical thinking, and less emotionalism with WSJ opinions.

  2. The globalist elites are freaking. The votes over seas ( Europe) show even the socialists of Europe have been pushed to the limit by nonsensical leaders of the E.U. Those who intend to tell the little people of the world how to live their entire lives counter to the best interests of their own families,clans, or countries,will stop at nothing to keep their agenda intact. Individual thought is despised by that bunch, and many are here. We know who they supported for POTUS.

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