1. This very point was one I tried to make to a mother of a girl selling certain cookies. Mom kept pushing as to why I wouldn’t “buy just one box” til I finally just told her i did not like that some (even 1 cent)went to an organization doing this. She retorted “Yes, but they do other GOOD things.” I told her there was NOTHING good enough to make up for THAT. Any involvement is just not acceptable. I found a great replacement for the cookies at a much lower price. God did not want me to have to give up the cookies for my beliefs…as I had to a certain sneaker co. I really liked.It appears this nasty thing is tied in w/ every product women might generally buy due to the seller or the product being just for women’s specific needs (the sneakers were just for women’s feet and great for a nurses poor feet). So glad someone is calling this organization out on the fact that even 1 is too many and they ARE #1.W/ such volume, it’s impossible to separate the $$ from one procedure and another. As economists say, money is fungible. Great posting. loved it.

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