1. The most awful thing I’ve ever seen. So good Arkansas stopped,but sadly this is still happening. If we continue to allow this, we will certainly face the loss of God’s blessings.

      • $$$$ is the only thing of this earth I can think of. The people at the top get rich. the avg dem is just plain ignorant/deluded. If you see what counts for education,you see why people buy the whole “mass of cells” argument. The reason for the dumbing of society,is dumb people are easier to manipulate to one’s own goals. I don’t know how much the GOP Washington set is opposed. They know what ISN’T being taught in schools and do nearly nothing about it. If sonogram pictures were in high school biology books, young adults would not buy the “mass of cells” idea. Remember, some pretty high up appointees from Obama had moms very prominent in the PP organization. The $$$ to & from this flows deep in Washington. In my eyes, America is no better than Greece in allowing unwanted infants to die of exposure. I think God may soon share this opinion.At least there weren’t Greeks getting rich from their barbarity.

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