1. Many of the “entertainers” have no high school diploma. The ones w/ degrees are mostly in theatrical arts. I’m as likely to take life or political advice from people not much (if at all) better read/educated than my 12 yo as I am medical advice. It’s funny how those with what I consider REAL degrees/education (law or engineering) and potentially intelligent commentary (Brook Shields, Jody Foster or Jeff Foxworthy)are not out bashing me and the POTUS. I know these are not the A list, but the bunch I see screaming like maniacs are pretty old business too. Looks like an attempt to be relevant again.

      • I never much enjoyed awards show. The ones I preferred never won and then the “artists” started going off script. You and I aren’t the only ones that realize they hate the avg Joe (anna). The box office take is down these days, and these uneducated,overly egotistic people don’t appear to know why. They dont know that all the things they hate are typical to most Americans. While our incomes have fallen, the cost to see the trash they release has skyrocketed. They should stick to the one thing they know…script reading and smiling, and leave the hard stuff (thinking) to those that have read something more than scripts. Was that too snarky?

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