1. What machine could POSSIBLY stay fine tuned w/ enemies constantly pouring sugar in the tank just for the sake of being mean spirited. I don’t think it less than a miracle that someone hasnt done something unthinkable to this man, his family, their homes or the White House.You couldn’t PAY me to be in his cabinet. Every one of them will be shredded over every little piece of nonsense possible.

    • We’re witnessing something very weird. The reaction against him borders on the pathological. I didn’t like him and railed against him in the primaries. He is a deeply flawed man of questionable character. But, hey, we survived Bill Clinton. Something is at work here that is deeply disturbing with Mr. Trump’s detractors.

      • Could we survived Clinton (or anyone else), if the media and BOTH parties were full of people looking to actively undermine his governance. When he said the MSM was an enemy of the people, I get what he meant. They do all they can to keep this country in chaos. They defend those for sharia law here and support criminal aliens w/o documents and seek to overthrow a duly elected POTUS. I can’t help feeling that criminals will be considered before the natural born citizen who has no other country to go to, b/c I won’t break the laws of sovereign nations. They get the advantages w/o certain responsibilities. Nowhere can I go in the world w/o documents and receive all the benefits such folks get here. The country many like my family spent 400 yrs serving and building is being taken from me and given to those w/ no ties to this country. Yep, it’s weird. Globalists are trying to change the whole world but especially America. Since the first of communism just over a century ago,those of that mindset have had their eyes on us and those like us…but especially us. The reactions we see tell us they thought their work was almost over. They just dont know how to take what happened. The majority of the GOP establishment is as determined to help us poor scmucks get through our unimportant lives w/o making decisions…after all, we’re not capable of making decisions for ourselves. Quite a novel, I know. All this is just weirding me out as well. Hey, keep your eyes out for smoke signals. That is soon to be the only way to get truth. Until then, Thank heaven for twitter. Who’d of thought we would look to that for any gvt info.? LOL!

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