1. As a woman, I give thanks for the men who are being the best men they can every day. Thanks for the safety. Those of us fortunate to have one know the security of your protection. Thank you for the great strength you show in keeping your family together in tough times and giving your strength to the women in your lives, so we can do what we must. Thank you for keeping us from being too stressed out to be the moms we so much desire to be and always worry we’ll fall short of. Thank you for letting us be the strong independent women we have been told we CAN be AND pampering the the girl we often WANT to be. Thanks for changing tires and very high light bulbs. Men today get such bad press and not nearly enough thanks for things they do for our nation and families.

    • Beautiful! Gratitude is foundational to happiness, and mutual admiration in a marriage is foundational to marital bliss. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful expression of mature love and wisdom.

      • I forgot all the heroic acts of spider killing. For that all women owe much gratitude. These women obviously lacked great dads like mine and the super granddads and uncles I grew up with. They could not possibly have a fine husband to depend on and in return help him, when needed.

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