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  1. I dont know why a family of 3 that spends about $300/yr on medical care, should pay $900/mo for a $9000 deductible so someone else can have a BETTER plan paying less than $100/mo. We can just save the $900/mo we can pay for the deductible which we never reach. The thing is we dont usually (hardly ever) have an extra grand to save per month,so I dont know where we get the premium to begin with. We await the chance to buy a catastrophic plan at a catastrophic plan premium. A platinum premium & catastrophic coverage is silly. We could get a subsidy,but we worry about later. Medicaid seizes future assets to pay for the coverage/care. I hear there is similar rule built into medicare. If they do that to people who paid in forever, I just know they will to those getting the subsidies. The left is not concerned w/ covering the middle class. With every program, I cant help feeling they despise us. Only the young and poor (often the same) ever benefit from lefty programs. If the young knew that the left will seize future assets, they’d be put off the pretty sounding programs…unless they intend to accomplish,be and have nothing their entire lives.

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