Diane Feinstein reveals the depravity of the Democratic Party 5

By Tom Quiner

Democratic Senator, Diane Feinstein, says she will most likely oppose the nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court.

In today’s nomination hearings, she said that Judge Gorsuch’s view that “the intentional taking of a human life by private persons is always wrong” is a deal killer.


In her view, a decent man isn’t qualified to sit on the Supreme Court because he believes murder is wrong. A majority of her party agrees with her.


  1. They are deeply under the influence of demons. Prayer is needed,though I don’t know how much good it does when they’re devoted to the ideals of evil. I don’t think they are deluded. I think it’s that they have rejected God and care not about His judgement. She can talk about being a Catholic, but it seems she’s Catholic the way I’m a unicorn. She’s read all about it but DOESN’T believe in it. I have read of the mythical animal, but I don’t believe.

    • Oh wait, I was thinking about the other demented dem from Ca. (Pelosi). It’s a natural mistake. When they talk, they sound identical. They both claim some affiliation w/ a Judeo-Christian faith, and routinely vote against the word of God.

    • Democrats who proclaim their Catholicism are an embarrassment to their Church when they publicly push public policies that oppose fundamental Church teachings. Honorable Catholics can disagree on the most effective way to carry out the social justice teachings of the Church. Think immigration and wage issues. But issues of Life and Marriage are non-negotiable.

      • Dear Tom, we WISH they weren’t negotiable. Sadly the leaders of our country are the LEAST devout of their “faiths”. THAT is the fault of the citizenry. We decided we didn’t want to be led by “zealots”. We can’t claim to be unwitting victims. In our system, we get the gvt we deserve. We apparently deserve godless Philistines in sheep’s clothing. By the time the devout awoke to the truth of the matter, our votes DID, in fact, b/c irrelevant. Now the elected have their hands tied (even if they WANT to change things back). Few do.

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