1. Oddly, the left has been trampled in each election of the last 8 years, but they STILL appear to have the ability to cow the GOP. How few dems do there have to be in office nationwide for them to not get to call the shots? They are persistent, if not right.

      • Agreed. I think many in Washington ( both sides) were shocked w/ the election. They had a routine they were comfy w/. He would upset the system they’d built. Many GOP actually preferred to have HRC win. Her, they understand (if not like much). They could have gotten about washing each others’ filthy hands and scratching each others’ nasty backs.The political class’s discomfort makes me feel all warm. Now they know we can and WILL wreck their little party. I actually LOVED his inaugural speech. He basically called out the political class and left out the niceties they feel entitled to, regardless of their actions. Why does an address in D.C. gives one the right to never be called on acts ever?

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