1. We’ve always had bad young people (Bonnie/Clyde).Now most are poorly (if at all) raised. Let’s discuss “elders” too. The boomers aren’t the grand parents/ pillars of the community the “greatest generation” were. I’ve been physically threatened by 2 such men over things that they were entirely wrong on. One was shown a gun( by another man) to make him stop cursing/ threatening me in front of my preschooler. So many elders now are exhippies who havent left Woodstock, and the middle aged were raised well enough but opted to not do the hard work of parenting that our parents did. W/ elders who wont act sage and parents who wont risk anger, today’s youth got little to no help understanding the world and morals. My generation chose to leave all that to the schools. My over worked working mom and my family taught me the world and morals and more. They understood school was for the 3 R’s.

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