By Tom Quiner

Income in America varies by race:

Asian–> $77,368

White–> $59,698

Indian and Native Alaskan–> $38,530

Black–> $36,544

[SOURCE: 2015 US Census Bureau]

By the same token, the out-of-wedlock birth rate varies by race:

Asian–> 17%

White–> 29%

Indian and Native Alaskan–> 66%

Black–> 73%

[SOURCE: federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2010]

What do you notice about these numbers? There is a correlation. The higher the out-of-wedlock rate, the lower the income, which is logical. Two parent households have the potential to earn more money than one.

The data seems obvious: the poverty rate for Black women without a spouse is 37%; but the poverty rate for married Black couples is only 8.2%. To fight poverty and increase wealth in any ethnic group, the key is to develop public policy that promotes marriage.

Sociologist Charles Murray has researched the subject and written on it extensively. He suggests that welfare programs spawned by Lyndon Johnson’s ‘Great Society’ programs created perverse incentives which encouraged out-of-wedlock births. Specifically, he insists that this is the ultimate driver of all social pathology, NOT discrimination, as America’s political Left insists.

Even more, his research reveals that IQ tests are reliable, and that something like 40 to 80% of our intelligence has been inherited from our parents, which flies in the face of the Left’s belief that inequality in all things, including intelligence, is based on social origins.

For such radical thinking, Mr. Murray has been labeled a white supremacist, a hater, and an intellectual fraud who is not fit to set foot in our universities out of fear that his research will taint the thinking of college elites.

So when he was invited to speak at Middlebury College in Vermont on March 2nd, campus liberals shouted him down, turned their backs on him, and attacked him and another (female) professor who sustained injuries requiring hospitalization. Watch Tucker Carlson’s discussion on the fracas above.

What happened to the Left’s insistence on diversity, inclusion, and tolerance in all things?

Obviously, they didn’t mean it.

Their social philosophy cannot hold up to academic rigor. They are not equipped to defend it, because research and data supports the other side. What can they do but lash back in anger like children?

Universities today cultivate a sense of righteous indignation towards American society. Conservative ideas threaten this indignation. It suggests that they are part of the problem with their unrelenting advocacy of victimhood of protected classes.

Honorable academicians disagree with Charles Murray on some of his assertions. Sadly, in the current campus environment, the issues cannot be discussed, parsed, and debated without people getting hurt.





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  1. d. knapp on March 14, 2017 at 2:12 pm

    The IQ thing still has me scratching my head. I know some SERIOUSLY stupid people w/ one child who can barely figure out shoe laces and another smarter than BOTH parents. My own father is not so smart. I seemed to have taken every bit of my own substantially higher than avg IQ exclusively from my mother. My very smart mother had less than brilliant (one actually quite dumb…much beloved) siblings. I dont think IQ is the end all be all. I see less than brilliant people work hard to get what other COULD get easily but dont bother. But certainly welfare has done more damage than racism in the last 50 yrs.It has destroyed families that were functioning just 3-4 generations ago.

    • quinersdiner on March 15, 2017 at 12:12 am

      Your last sentence says a mouthful. Totally true, and totally tragic.

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