1. Except for the 2nd Bush, we seemed to get a fairly equal amount of infrastructure and growth for our debt spending since the Reagan days. Obama was just inexplicable. Unless, I can see some buddies of his w/ YYUGE growth in their worth, I cant IMMAGINE WHAT that 10 trillion of Obama’s was going for. It’s strange,but I’d rather know SOMEONE got rich on that than think it’s spent and NO ONE knows where it went. The only individuals w/ huge spending and cant show anything for it are addicts. Driving around my community looks bad. It reminds me of the working class communities of the Carter era.

  2. I just spoke with an Obama, and Hillary supporter. He claims that Trump has doubled the deficit from 11 Trillion, to what it is now. He claims that O kept the spending at an all time low. I just looked at him, and shook my head in disbelief.

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