1. Can not believe that the libs would revere such a phony, who only has a BS in Mechanical Engineering. The other degrees are only honorary ones, no actual classroom studies. Heck. My PhD degree does give me the right to call myself a scientist, but I don’t. What a modern Pied Piper this guy is.

  2. At one time in our history, people believed the world was flat, until it was proven false. With a subject as complex as DNA and chromosomes there are going to be more theories proven wrong than proven right. True science isn’t politcally-correct, rather, it’s a series of hypotheses and theories that are tested and proven right or wrong. Scientists and researchers will get it wrong more than they get it right and accepted theories are based on data available at the time. It’s very possible that in the late 90’s this statement was accurate and 17 years of research later it’s no longer accurate as more data is now available.

    • U R right Andrew. One reason I chose a science degree (aside from loving it) was the ability to find answers…even if i was wrong in my hypothesis. Finding truth was what it used to be all about. “Scientists” started taking $$$ from whomever could support them best. When an entity gives one tons of $$$, they want to be proven right. The sell out scientists decided they wanted the sweet deal of tenured academics while being more known and influential. The data available is now cooked and seasoned specifically to the tastes of the groups funding the scientists. Now, I hear data and conclusions and quickly realize that the answers given would have caused my suspicions to be peeked when I was in high school. Read the the scientific methodology and you find the work is senior level high school at best. A result was obviously coaxed if not outright cooked. Mr. Nye recently spewed some nonsense about people having kids that makes me certain MY kid wont be watching.

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