1. That’s correct. He did not involve himself in the fallen aspects of their lives and did NOT tell them they were ok anyway. He told them they were wrong, why and what would happen. Christians are really not allowed to do that anymore. We’re called “judgey” to try to help someone out of the life of sin and degradation.

    • Thank-you, for this perspective. As a Roman Catholic, I am called to lead the people I encounter to the ‘Path to Life.’ I want everyone I come in contact with to go to heaven. If we validate someone’s sin, we risk leading them down the path to death. The stakes are high, so very high. What is the path to life? Surely, it is not the path the secular world worships, as it conflicts with Christ’s Church.

      • I feel called to share the truth as well. Mostly people want to just dismiss my words and go on about their S.O.P. (standard operational procedure for those w/o military experience). I hope one day they recall my words and friendship and rethink it. I just know I dont want to be asked why I didnt do what i could to stop someone going through eternity lost. Beyond my efforts, I know they will have to answer for not trying to listen. I find myself typically sharing w/ girls and women, but a lost fellow w/ addiction issues has been a focus of mine as well. Tonight at church the pastor spoke of the importance of using tough talk when talking to those on the road to Hell. That’s a hard one for me. He was talking about moving past talk of Christ’s love and discussing the outcome of being lost.

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