1. I have to say, I am deeply troubled by this firing. I can’t imagine what it means that you can be fired from telling the American people about criminal actions from a potential future president. That was literally his job.

    And why on earth would Trump want to do this? I might expect it from Hillary, but it seems so out of the blue for Trump.

      • Yep, the left wants it to be all about the Russian connection, and it might be. But Comey did enough wrong in his his job that he gave Trump good cause to fire him for his inappropriate handling of his job. If one screws up at work,it’s hard to prove the firing was about politics. It’s true for the likes of us ordinary shmoes, and it is for the likes of the political insiders. You cant break the rules and then scream fowl, when you’re fired. he did so many inappropriate things assuming HRC would win. Everyone bets wrong some times. Comey bet wrong is all.

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