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  2. The Clinton years were pretty good for the economy, no denying, but I cant really feel like it was Clinton’s economy. For all the reasons you spoke, I think that economy belonged to a lot of conservatives that dont get the credit for it. A radio show in my area has great voice impersonators. One was a Clinton voice and the other Obama. the Clinton voice would call up during the Obama voice speaking to gloat and brag about balanced budgets. It was a pretty funny bit, but I give most of the credit to the likes of Reagan and Gingrich. I dont believe Clinton would have (on his own) started welfare reform. Note how the next democrat immediately began the business of growing the welfare state.

    • So true. Ronald Reagan submitted 8 budgets to Congress. They rejected 7. Had they passed his budgets, the national budget would have been balanced within three years. Since they didn’t, it took a Republican Congress to nurture some discipline in Bill Clinton’s government. I maintain that Gingrich and Clinton were a good team!

    • Thank-you. I have observed how the MSM reports on the economy. They twist and turn to make a good economy sound bad under a Republican, and vice versa for a Democrat.

      • In fairness, we had a good economy during Bill Clinton’s years. There were several reasons, including the peace dividend after Reagan and Pope John Paul II defeated the Soviet Union; the dot come boom (before the bust); and finally, the Gingrich/Clinton ‘collaboration’ which resulted in more moderate government spending and welfare reform. Without Newt Gingrich as Speaker, Clinton’s record would have looked much worse. Nonetheless, I do give Mr. Clinton credit for signing welfare reform and moderating spending enough to lead to a balanced budget.

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