1. THIS was the fact that convinced me at 25 to make a decision for Christ. Mary’s situation as well makes me certain. I cant stand to see my kid get shots. she could have lied to save her son, and she didn’t. She too endured much for Him to accomplish His mission.

      • No, just a man with eyes to see and ears to hear. I never claim that only protestants know the truth of Christ. Some expansive areas of Catholicism are questionable in my mind, but I always keep in mind that it’s Christ’s death and exiting the tomb that matters. I am married to a man raised w/ Catholic beliefs who maintains them despite being a member of my Baptist church. I was the regular attender, so he joined me. He questions some of our tendencies, and I (and his brother) question some of Catholicism’s. Dogma is a small thing to me. There are MANY protestant groups that DONT teach the death and blood of Christ. I more disagree with the sanitized version of Christianity. My hubby knows I wont be praying any “Hail Mary’s”, and I know the Southern Baptists are mistaken in their view that all intake of fermented liquid and dancing are wrong. We drink a little wine occasionally, I dance for fun, and he doesn’t expect “Hail Mary” from me. I’m glad different groups of Christians can get along better than different groups of that “religion of peace.” Have a nice day.

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