1. Given the relentless, vicious, incessant Trump bashing that takes place in the lamestream media, and has ever since he began his run for president, it’s kind of impressive that the man has a 47% approval rating.

      • It’s all so hard to follow, but it appears there’s about as much to the present story du jour as there was to the original collusion story. It appears to be a they said he said sort of thing w/ (yet again) no actual proof. I smell old school Kremlin tactics. Use a beautiful woman (agent) to cause a breech of conduct or what may just look like one. Optics are important. When playing chess, make sure you aren’t playing against an old KGB agent.

  2. Nancy & Chuckie are doing worse than DT EVER did! Wonder what that means for nxt yr. Wonder what the poll specifically was addressing about the individuals.

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