1. Based on the fact that they appear to have a really hard time doing the simplest things, I think they enjoy blaming the dems for not being able to do anything. They passed how many repeals of O-care? Now they have a willing POTUS and cant manage to get anything to the POTUS’s desk. I wonder what all those repeals actually said. I suspect they were complete nonsense. They knew Obama wouldn’t sign anything, so they could send a poem about cup cakes and not worry about it. Now they may get something done, but only b/c they dont get to go on vacation until they do. I dont think they intend to lose 1/2 the August break to work; so they’ll get it done (maybe) to get out of town on time (maybe even a little earlier). Do I sound a little jaded? I believe they only use us “little people” to live lives of elite privilege while not doing anything to endanger all that privilege.

  2. The problem is, they’re pretty sure they’re “too big to fail.” They feels sure (along w/ Illinois) that the fed gvt will step in to save them from their own nonsense. Get ready for the tax hike!

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