1. Am I the only one that hasnt seen a look of true concern for likes of me in the eyes of a POTUS since Reagan left the White House? All the others have such aloof and arrogant looks.

      • His face just tended to lack a certain amount of emotion that Reagan’s exuded. I do concede that Ronaldus Maximuz was an actor (amt of talent debatable as an aspect of taste.), I do recall that even Nixon’s face was more emotive than the ones since Reagan. I remember saying to my Mom when I was very little how worried that man looked. I was a preschooler, but he just really seamed very concerned whenever he spoke about war and other things.

  2. Remember, none of those things is important in the mind of true believer liberal today. It’s all about pseudo religious ideology and dogma. They make fun of Christian ideology and dogma. They only replaced it w/ another NEW religion…global liberalism. The above are the desired outcomes NOT the failings of it. Anything that makes folks scared and dependent is preferred. We cant have folks thinking and living freely.

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