May the dogma be with you 8

By Tom Quiner

President Trump nominated Amy Barrett to be a judge for the United States Court of Appeals on the Seventh Circuit.

Ms. Barrett is married with 7 children, and she is a practicing Roman Catholic.

Senator Diane Feinstein was deeply disturbed by the Rhodes Scholar’s Catholicism, stating:

“The [Catholic] dogma lives loudly within you.”

In your wildest imagination, would can you imagine the liberal Democratic Senator (pardon the redundancy) making the same statement if Ms. Barrett was Muslim, pagan, or atheist?

No. No. No.

Let us hope the anti-Catholic bigots don’t block this qualified jurist.



  1. Was she not afraid of offending her buddy Nancy? I mean if you are Catholic, you are Catholic. A Catholic w/o their “dogma” is no real Catholic. I’m not Catholic, but I think if one is, one should follow its tenants fully…so you know you are Catholic. Does Nancy wish to be w/o her Catholic dogma? Then what does that make her? Nancy! Where is your defiance of this attack on your faith?

    • This is an excellent question, Ms. Knapp. What is a religion without dogmas? If you reject one set of dogmas, such as human life is sacred and marriage is between one man and one woman, and replace it with another set of dogmas, then you have a different religion. The official religion of Democrats is neo paganism, which they are working furiously to enshrine as the official religion of the United States.

  2. Wow. Just wow. I can’t believe how hard and fast this is coming at me lately. Bravo to her for letting the “Catholic dogma”live loudly within her.
    And yes, yes, yes to Art’s comment as well. It is SO true.

    • I’m getting into bed in a minute to read “The Benedict Option.” A provocative book, and relative to these postings. I believe in fighting back. The author suggests the Left has already won and that there is no turning back. I’ll finish the book before weighing in on the subject. I’ll be done with it by the time I see you next month. Should make for interesting conversations.

  3. Secularists, like Feinstein, believe in nothing and are the purveyors of aberrant sex, and violence against the unborn. They simply cannot understand people of faith. Worse, we are the objects of their scorn. But should we expect anything less?

    “If the world hates you, remember that it hated me first.” – John 15:18

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