1. What they deserve…uhm need is to be taken out of office and have to earn a living in the real world…the one we struggle in under their ridiculous regulatory environment. They aren’t smart enough or tough enough.

  2. Fair enough, every American thinks they live in a dangerous place, therefore more guns must make it safer. Just like putting more ambulances at the bottom of the cliff I believe.

      • Tom, what data do you mean? the only data that I and the rest of the educated world understands is how many firearm related deaths you have compared to the other countries with strict gun controls.

    • Bad analogy. Law abiding citizens have the right to defend themselves. What would you do if an armed thug was attempting to break into your house, and you find yourself, defenseless?

      • In your country the armed thug will probably shoot as soon as he sees you knowing everybody has firearms for protection. He will also be able to arm himself with the most potent of weapons so could out gun you. Probably best if you escape out another door and ring the police. Anyway, the United States in 2013 has 10.64 firearm related deaths per 100,000 whereas Australia firearms deaths in 2013 has 0.93 per 100,000

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