1. A Budhist I know from Vietnam once began asking me questions about my faith. I was never one to do the stereotypical baptist thing of asking one if one knew Jesus.she stated she wanted to share in what my hubby and I had in our lives. she didn’t know what “it” was, but she wanted “it”. I began to talk w/ her about my faith. She was influenced by slight subtle things in life and living. They were things I gave no real thought to. It was just the joy and peace of faith and what they did in my life and marriage. She ultimately rejected “it” in her life, but I continue to pray she will return to “it” again one day. She doesn’t really appear to be living the principles of her native upbringing. She stated she had decided that religion was just an “interesting thing to read about.” I just continue my prayer that a passing fancy will return to her. It’s the little kindnesses and our own lives that influence some more than some aggressive preaching. she named the child she was carrying, during the short time of christian interest Peter-“The rock on which the church was built.”. These were her words at the time, so feel that young man remains a reminder to her for the rest of her life of her brief time with Christ.

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