A little victory 2

By Tom Quiner

My wife and I try to walk two miles at a local shopping mall every Monday through Friday.

Yesterday, we made our first pass by Victoria Secret’s, a lingerie store in the mall. I try not to look at the signage, but yesterday’s was hard to miss, as the store had it situated outside the front of the store. It featured two young ladies wearing practically nothing touching each other in what seemed to be an un-sisterly way.

In other words, it was soft core porn for all the word to see, including children.

Karen and I talked about it. My wife decided to do something about it. She called the mall office today to complain. The person on the store said she didn’t know if she could much about it, since their advertising is handled nationally.

Lo and behold, the sign was down later today when we made our walk. A small victory, to be sure. If someone else reading this blog does something similar, well, we’ll double the impact.

Did I mention I have a great wife?



  1. Sounds like a heroic lady. What’s so awful is that, when one voices unhappiness at something that would NEVER have been just 20 years ago, we get the big brush off and looked at like WE’RE nutz.

    • Sooo true. I heard a good one today, actually, not good but so unbelievably sad: in a national survey people were asked which was worse: to spank your child or cheat on your spouse? You can guess the answer: spank your child. The commentator on this show said that there are but three sins left in this country: 1. Smoking; 2. Spanking your child; 3. Having more than 1.8 children. In Sweden, you can add boiling a lobster.

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