“Love saves lives.” Thank-you, President Trump, for being the first president to speak at the March for Life. 1

By Tom Quiner

President Trump continues to amaze me. On Friday, he became the first president to address the March for Life in person.

While Presidents Reagan and Bush II spoke by phone, Mr. Trump took the time to speak in person, describing the pro life movement as a “mission of love.” He simply stated that “love saves lives.”

A “laser focus”

Planned Parenthood blasted Trump and pro lifers as being “laser-focused on using their power to control women’s bodies.” It’s different for liberal women who marched yesterday at the Women’s protest. They are ‘laser focused on using their power to control the infant’s body in the womb,’ even if that means killing it in the 9th month, heck even if the kid survives the abortion attempt.

Friday’s March for Life was all about saving human life.

Saturday’s Women’s March was all about the right to destroy human life.

Take a few minutes to watch the president’s speech. This was an important moment in the Trump presidency. He is a man who has gone beyond mere rhetoric when it comes to life issues.

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