A modern day hero 3

By Maggie Dewitte

Ryan, Rebecca, and Hope Holets stand with Melania Trump at the State of the Union address.

For me, the highlight of the president’s State of the Union address Tuesday was Ryan Holets.

Did you hear what happened? President Trump shared the story of Mr. Holets who is a cop in Albuquerque, New Mexico. He responded to what seemed to be a routine call about a possible convenience store robbery.

When he arrived at the scene, he came upon a couple sitting behind the store about to shoot up heroin.

The woman, Crystal Champ, was 8 months pregnant.

Let that sink in.

The cop cried out,

“Why are you doing this stuff? It’s going to ruin your baby. You’re going to kill your baby.”

At this moment, the history of the world turned on a dime. Ms. Champs lashed back, engulfed by sobs:

“How dare you judge me? You have no idea how hard this is. I know what a horrible person I am. I know what a horrible situation I’m in.”

She acknowledged she needed someone to adopt her baby. And guess what, the cop had an idea of someone who would be willing to adopt her child: [click here for the rest of the story].

[Thanks to Maggie Dewitte, Executive Director of Iowans for Life, for permission to publish this excerpt from her new blogpost. It’s worth reading to the end.]


  1. Truly inspiring. Wonderful that President Trump used the occasion to direct the nation’s attention to such a great role model and good example (and Mr. Holets and his wife weren’t the only ones).

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