Flip flopper of the day: Congressman Adam Schiff Reply

By Tom Quiner

Let’s face it, politicians are going to flip flop on issues. Donald Trump has famously flip flopped on issues in consecutive sentences.

What is tough to take is politicians who flip flop on core issues, such as Ted Kennedy abandoning his passionate pro life stance to become a raging pro abortion advocate by the time he ran for president.

Or a Barack Obama or a Hillary Clinton who abandoned their defense of traditional marriage to become raging advocates of so-called same-sex marriage.

Democratic Congressman, Adam Schiff, joined the school of flip floppers today. A mere half decade ago, he insisted that the FISA courts had to be …

“… much more transparent so that the American people can understand what is being done in their name and in the name of national security so that we can have a more informed debate over the balance between privacy and security. I think this can be accomplished while also maintaining sources and methods and not compromising some of the very real national security concerns at stake.”

However, Congressman Schiff changed his tone when Republicans produced actual transparency by releasing a four page memo on Friday which indicates the balance between privacy and security has been severely compromised. Said Schiff:

“Today, this committee voted to put the president’s personal interests, perhaps their own political interests, above the national interest.”

He opposes the “more informed debate” he demanded then.

I think Mr. Schiff has it backwards. It is he and his party that is putting their own political interests above the national interest.

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