The Heartbeat Bill advances 2

By Tom Quiner

The Heartbeat Bill passed out of a Senate Committee in the Iowa Legislature today by a vote of 8 to 5.

Pro lifers packed the committee room, leaving space for but a handful of Planned Parenthood acolytes. However few in number, these advocates of human abortion made their unpleasant presence felt.

One young woman wearing PP’s pink T-Shirt yelled at a woman sitting near me to delete any photos she had taken of her. She was insistent and shrill. It was a public space, of course, but she had evidently scoped out the woman as being a pro lifer. Maybe it was her kindly face. The young woman, who had testified glowingly a few days earlier about her abortion, might have been afraid she would end up on a prayer list somewhere and wanted her pic expunged.

A few minutes later, a pro lifer in the back of the room saw his pastor in the front in the room. He called out to him to lead us all in prayer. That triggered another, but older woman, wearing a pink T-Shirt to loudly proclaim that it would make her “uncomfortable.” She insisted that prayers could not be said aloud in public places.

On a positive note, after the vote in favor of the Heartbeat Bill was concluded, the pro lifers responded as one in a standing ovation.

Democracy in action.


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